poached eggs

2014-06-06 a.o.

Poaching is cooking an egg without shell, either directly in liquid or in a cup above simmering liquid.

I’m not very good at this in water. But at least they stayed whole this time.


Pic1: poached in water 2014-06-06
Pic2: the perfect egg for me


This is what you need for per serving:



an easier way


Pic3: poaching above water
Pic4: cover, simmer over LOW heat
Pic5: all done


Pic6: served
Pic7: same day — 2 eggs
Pic8: served

B. coddled eggs


Cooking an egg slowly in below-boiling temperatures is called coddling. Coddled eggs can vary from soft to hard, just like boiled eggs. It just takes considerably longer.

A difficult classification:

Coddling can be done with or without shell.
Thus, a poached egg is always coddled, but a coddled egg is not always poached.

Compare also with baked eggs IN sauce.
When there is enough sauce that is near-boiling, the eggs will cook hard even without baking.

Pic9: coddled egg

I dropped this egg in a bowl of hot soup.

Because the soup was not being warmed further, the egg yolk was still runny after 10 minutes, but the egg white came out nicer than when I poached in water.

Instead of dropping the egg in water or soup, hot water can be poured beside and/or over the egg to slow-cook the egg.