eggs in tomato cups

All pictures on this page were borrowed from the internet.

It looks delish. Very different from the Meatball Tomatoes. The eggs don't need nearly as much cooking time and the tomatoes look so much nicer as a result.



This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 2 large beefsteak tomatoes
  • 2 eggs
  • S&P, seasoning
  • add-ins of your choice
    I used spinach + ground meat
Pic1: eggs in tomato cups


Because I did add raw ground meat, I decided to do low-temp cooking before going full-out. Otherwise the egg might have beeF, the egg whites were still transparent. n hard before the meat even started warming through. Imagine my surprise when after 90 minutes at 170 ºF, the egg whites were still transparent. (Pic7) The broiler finally took care of that.

The easier solution would have been to cook the ground meat first, and just add it already fully cooked.



Pic2: two beefsteak tomatoes
Pic3: empty tomato cups
Pic4: spinach, ground meat


Pic5: the egg on top
Pic6: a smaller ramekin worked better for this
Pic7: after 60+ minutes @ 170 ºF.


Pic8: finally done
Pic9: soft eggs are my favorite
Pic10: all mixed up

pictures from the internet

I used these pics before I made my own, didn't want to discard them afterwards. Spinach only clearly works better than when adding uncooked ground meat.


Pic11: we start here
Pic12: fill 'r up with spinach & egg
Pic13: all done