spatchcocked turkey

2015-12-05 a.o.

This is how chickens are roasted in Mexican open-air restaurants. This method allows cooking a bird evenly a lot quicker than the more common trussed bird method. This way the bird is done in about an hour, instead of 3-4 hours.

I always try to find the smallest turkey in the store. There's only two of us for dinner and neither of us is very fond of turkey. We make a token contribution to tradition; the dog and the cats will get a lot of it and the rest becomes soup. I like turkey soup more than I like turkey. Canned turkey soup is delicious.


This is what you need for 6+ servings:

  • small turkey (this one 8.5 lbs.)
  • S&P
  • spices of choice
    I used: 1 tbsp. olive oil, S&P, 2 packages of ‘Sazon Goya’
    OR use a mixture of paprika and curry
    or your favorite spices…
Pic1: 2016-11-29 turkey leg



Pic2: before cooking
Pic3: after cooking
Pic4: turkey soup



Pic5: another day, another turkey
Pic6: leftovers
Pic7: all done


Serving suggestions: