Filet Américain

2016-04-22 a.o.

Filet Américain is a Flemish / Belgian dish of finely-ground seasoned raw beef that is served cold.
Various seasonings are added to the beef to flavor it. It is only vaguely similar to French steak tartare.

Always grind coarsely on 1st pass. Optionally, grind a 2nd time for finely ground meat.

As a main meal dish, it is usually served with fries and pickles.
More often it is served as a spread on bread. When used on toast it is called cannibal toast.

Food safety warning:
Do not make this with store-bought mass-processed ground meat. Grind or mince a roast at home.



This is what you need for 4 servings:


DIY ground meat:

Pic1: manual-cranked grinder
Pic2: 1st pass always coarse
Pic3: optional 2nd pass can be finer (but doesn't have to be)


Pic4: slice & dice the meat
Pic5: 1st pass always coarse
Pic6: optional 2nd pass can be finer (but doesn't have to be)

DIY ground meat:


Pic7: 2017-05-30 - salt & mayo only, served  with greens
Pic8: 2020-02-09 - filet Américain as per recipe on this page
Pic9: 2020-03-14 - capers, mayo, hot sauce

Making filet Américain:
I don't always add the same sauces or spices. 


Pic10: 2016-04-22  - Américain préparé aka prepared filet Américain 
Pic11: cannibal toast
Pic12: served as a meal internet picture

Serving suggestions:  



Pic13-15: coarsely-ground beef, mayo, apricot jam

Serving suggestion: