canned rabbit

various dates

Canning was a great way to preserve rabbit meat without refrigeration. My rabbits were so big that I couldn't even fit one loin or leg in a 1-qt. jar. I started using half-gallon jars instead.

The USDA has not tested 2-qt. jars and thus has no recommendations listed for them. I found that with observation of appropriate safety precautions these large jars work great. 


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The directions are as simple as always for any home-canned food:

Canned rabbit tastes stronger than regular rabbit because that meat and those bones have been sitting in that broth for weeks and months. One quart of canned rabbit stock is enough to make 10 quarts of soup.

I've only ever seen stranded ( aka pulled) rabbit meat in soups made with canned rabbit. Refry that meat for rabbit tacos or burritos.