Layered Pork Roasts


WARNING for sensitive people:
These were a few of my experiments to create a pot roast version of stuffed pork chops.
Not all of these experiments were equally successful or visually appealing. 


A. The double-decker


Pepperjack cheese is a processed cheese with a bit of a bite. It melts well, but tends to disappear when cooking a longer time. Adding Béchamel or Mornay reduces this effect, limits burning and you will have more sauce.

The brown on top of the meat in Pic3 is a fruit paste made of figs, dates and prunes that I added later. Very sweet.



This is what you need for 4 servings:



Pic1: building the short stack
Pic2: in the oven, still needs sauce
Pic3: the meal

B. The double double-decker


Double the stack, double the fun.


Pic4: the double double-decker
Pic5: wrap with bacon
Pic6: fruit paste


Pic7: tinfoil hat
Pic8: all done
Pic9: the meal