oven-baked BBQ ribs

2016-03-28 a.o.

Such an all-American favorite. Who remembers that little jingle “baby back ribs?”
Regardless where you buy them or when you cook them yourself, they are finger-licking delicious. 

Find a nice rack of ribs where you can see a lot of meat. Ribs are tough and fatty and need to be slow-cooked to render the fat and make the meat tender. Do that right and indeed, the reward will be great.

The 2018-08-04 ribs received a coating of fruit paste made with figs, dates and prunes. Very sweet.

See: mushroom vegetable sauce for the sauce recipe


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 3 lbs. pork ribs
  • S&P, spices
  • your favorite BBQ sauce
Pic1: BBQ ribs



Pic2: brown the meat
Pic3: oven-proof dish
Pic4: all done


Pic5-7: served with broccoli rice


Pic8-10: served with white rice

Frozen back rib pieces


These were a bit different.

I bought a  10 lb. box of frozen rib pieces. These pieces were smaller and a bit easier to handle than the big cryovac bags I usually buy for this. I cooked these with a tin-foil hat before I painted them with BBQ sauce because they looked a bit freeze-dried.

My conclusion:
More bones, and not nearly as much meat as in the big packs. Not something I'll buy again, I think.



Pic12: 10 lbs. frozen rib pieces
Pic13: tinfoil hat
Pic14: served