pork chop with béchamel cauliflower casserole


It had been several months since before Covid-19 that we last had pork chops. They are a cut I prefer to see for myself, rather than have someone else choose it for me.

The béchamel cauliflower casserole is also a rarity in my kitchen. We eat cauliflower most often steamed with or without sauce instead of as a casserole. This was one of those occasions, and it is a very nice combination indeed. 


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 2 pork chops
  • olive oil
  • S&P
  • 2 beefsteak tomatoes
  • 1 cup rice / quinoa mix
  • béchamel cauliflower casserole
Pic1: pork chop, beefsteak tomato, quinoa rice, béchamel cauliflower casserole



Pic2-4: preparationPic5-7: finishing up



Pic8-10: served