butterflied leg of lamb

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A frequent flyer for me. Marielos doesn’t like lamb very much, so I get these pretty much all to myself. Leftovers often become sandwich meat, and sometimes I cook this just for that purpose.

This is always dry-cooking, roasting on the oven grill plate.

These are vacuum-packaged butterflied half-legs with seasoning already applied. I couldn't get lamb locally for the longest time, until about 5 years ago, Walmart started carrying a few lamb cuts, including this. However, their prices for lamb's meat have almost doubled over those 5 year. This is getting so expensive that I don't buy it nearly as often as I used to.


A. leg of lamb with jalapeño jam


Leg of lamb is another Flemish oldie favorite menu item. This is also how Goldilocks would like hers: not too raw, not too far gone, but juuuust right; which for me means still pinkish red throughout inside but nevertheless fully cooked.

These butterflied legs are bumpy. The muscles all are different size and thickness, with the risk that the thinner ones will be overcooked already when the thicker ones are still raw inside. Low-temperature cooking helps to counter that by cooking slower but more evenly.

I think garlic is a must for lamb. Rosemary, thyme or oregano are also good additional choices. Peas and carrots combine very well with a lamb's roast.

Some people like to add mint jelly. I painted a layer of jalapeño preserves on the top instead for a little bit of a bite. You can also use another jam mixed with chopped jalapeño, or plain green chile for a similar effect.

All the roasts on this page were cooked separately without any vegetables. I think turning this in a stew or pot roast would be a waste of a good leg of lamb.



Pic1+2: leg of lamb with jalapeño jam


This is what you need for 4-6 servings:




B. more meals & sandwiches


Summer is here with a vengeance, and I don't feel much like making it even warmer in the house by cooking a warm meal.

This is a butterflied leg of lamb's roast that I cooked yesterday evening. Today, it was sliced and served cold.

I added some potato salad, shredded lettuce, carrots and tomato and mixed that all together after I took the pictures. The 'refried' beans (really just reheated with cheese added) are the only warm item on this plate, but even that was negotiable.

Pic3: lamb served cold


Pic4: nice leg of lamb roast
Pic5: sliced
Pic6: lamb sandwich, avocado


Pic7: with broccoli, veggies
Pic8 just perfect for me
Pic9: I like this


Pic10: before cooking
Pic11: after cooking
Pic12: perfect for me


Pic13: beautiful color
Pic14: served with broccoli, béchamel sauce


Pic15: a bumpy roast
Pic16: that same bumpy roast will be used for sandwich meat


Pic17: a bit of a donut there
Pic18: served with peas & carrots


Pic19+20: served with applesauce


Pic21-23: bake, rest, carve


Pic24: served with linguini, applesauce
Pic25+26: leftovers sliced, ready for the refrigerator