browning frozen ground meat


Browning meat adds flavor and color and can also remove much of the excess fat. Meat will only brown when it reaches about 400 ºF. external temperature. Many people have trouble browning ground meat because it produces so much liquid. Ground meat must be cooked dry—all water evaporated until only pure fat left—before it will start browning,

Many grocery stores sell these plastic 'sausages' of ground meat. They have the advantage that they are easy to freeze. However, be aware that almost all mass-processed ground meat is contaminated with E. coli. Because of that, it is important to not thaw first and to cook this very thoroughly.

 Use a large-diameter frying pan. The wider the pan, the faster this whole process can go.


This is what you need for 2-4 servings:

  •  1 lb. ground meat
  • S&P, spices of your choice
Pic1: browned ground meat


07:26 AM

Pic2: ground meat sausage, water
Pic3: cover, simmer
Pic4: peel outside

7:47 AM

Pic5+6: repeat
Pic7: simmer

8:04 AM

Pic8+9: browning the meat
Pic10: separating the fat