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I do buy liverwurst on a fairly regular basis. It is a fully cooked pork liver and mystery meat preparation. The ones I've seen were always packaged in a plastic shell.

This is not something I would eat in large quantities. A slice of two at a time is more than enough. Marielos does not like it at all.


Pic1-3: different packages of Braunschweiger liverwurst


a. cold liverwurst

I usually eat this without further cooking cold on a breakfast sandwich. Sometimes I eat just a slice without anything extra. I have even tried this in a cold platter but did not much like that.


This is what you need for each serving:

  •  1-2 slices liverwurst
  • toast or other
Pic1: liverwurst sandwich - internet picture



internet pictures

Pic2-4: liverwurst sandwiches - internet pictures



Pic5-7: cold platter with liverwurst

b. fried liverwurst


Some people even fry this. I tried it, wasn't very impressed. The frying made the entire house smell like liver, and considering that Marielos doesn't care for liver at all, that didn't go over too well.



Pic8-10: frying liverwurst


internet pictures

Pic11-13: served with a dark mushroom sauce