lacquered duck

It is not required to steam a duck first before making a lacquered duck. See: Honey-glazed Duck

A. Steamed duck


Steaming a young duck for about 45-60 minutes (depending on the size of the bird) melts off a lot of the fat and shrinks the skin, making the bird leaner for further cooking.

This is for young birds only. Steaming is not a good  alternative to boiling an old bird.

The vegetables aren’t necessary, but they add flavor and that way you don’t have to cook them separately. :-)  

Instead of steaming and roasting separately, you can do both at the same time with a steam-roaster pan. (Pic7)


This is what you need for # servings:

  • 1 duck, parted
  • Optional vegetables:
    • Carrots
    • 4-colors of bell peppers
    • zucchini
    • onion
    • corn
Pic1: duck pieces, carrots in steaming basket


internet picures

Pic2: stuff the bird
Pic3: large pan steamer
Pic4: bamboo steamer

B. lacquered duck

The appearance of a steamed duck is not very appetizing. To make it look and taste better, the duck will be oven-roasted, and finally glazed and crisped in the oven at high heat.


internet picures

Pic5: glazed before roasting
Pic6: lacquered duck
Pic7: steam-roaster

Make a glazing syrup: (other recipes possible)

Optional before roasting: