mama duck on the grill


Mama Slowcooker was a Muscovy hen. I called her that because she took about 2 weeks longer than normal to brood out her hatchlings. She was my last Muskovy duck and the only Muscovy hen to ever get broody. She used a nest of chicken eggs to sit on because there weren't any Muscovy males. She took really good care of the babies, even though they weren't hers.

In July 2015, a tornado annihilated the coop and most of the animals I had at the time. She was one of three survivors. She was killed two days later by a hawk, possibly while defending her two remaining babies. All I found was her mangled body, no baby chicks in sight anywhere.  

This is the last chapter of her story, a sadder one than usual.


  • salvaged hawk kill
  • S&P, curry
Pic1: mama slow-cooker with a hatchling


Pic2: the end of the road
Pic3: perfectly red-roasted Muscovy breast fillet