seared duck breast fillet

2014-10-12 a.o.

Duck breast fillet. You have to try it at least once.
I can't think of anything more delicious. I find it so much better than any beef steak I could ever get.

Without skin, this is extra lean all-red meat. All the richness without any of the greasiness you can sometimes have from a whole duck. Seared with the skin on, it is served as a delicacy in the best restaurants of the world. I like it best rare to medium-rare at the most. Anything more is too much imo.

Just like any steak, duck breast should be seared in a hot pan, and—if thick enough—simmered over low heat for a while. Be aware that fat is a good heat insulator. The skin-side has to cook considerably longer to render out the fat underneath before the meat underneath even begins to cook.

I used to raise ducks in my backyard, just so I had the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful food more often for a while. Big city Asian stores carry ducks on a regular basis, but not small-town Deming, NM. I've been fortunate in that the local Walmart has been selling frozen duck for the past few years towards year's end. I haven't had to completely forego this delicacy.

There is a considerable size difference between breeds.
Rouen ducks are so tiny that you'll need both sides for one serving. Pekin breast fillets are nicer, one side per serving. Muscovy breast fillets can be huge, especially from the males. I've had one pair of over 3 lbs., which is enough for 4 generous servings.

Especially with those larger animals, the breast fillet may be very uneven in thickness, tapering off to nothing at the midline. (Pic10) If you have trouble cooking them evenly, consider slicing off a piece of the thickest part to get more even thickness.


This is what you need for 2 servings:


Pekin & Rouen duck


Pic2-4: perhaps a bit  more on the skin-side


Pic5: seared,
Pic6: stewed with fruit
Pic7: oops, a bit overdone, but still juicy

2 dates

Pic8+9: 2015-03-16
Pic10:   2014-12-27

3 dates

Pic11: 2015-04-18 = skin-less, seared & fennel-stuffed (Rouen duck)
Pic12: 2015-05-31 = mama duck, oven-roasted (Muscovy)
Pic13: 2016-12-28 = seared served with applesauce


Pic5: skin-wrapped, seared + simmered

Muscovy duck

Pic6: papa duck #1: seared only


Pic7:  papa duck #2: seared + braised


Pic8: mama duck = oven-roasted