rotisserie chicken

2019-09-11 a.o.

This aren't really recipes, just a reminder that it's OK to take a day off from kitcheneering.
You don't have to slave in front of that hot stove every single day.

a. rotisserie chicken with applesauce

2019-09-11 a.o.

This was a rotisserie chicken from a local store. Yes, I buy that occasionally when I see it in the store and I get that craving for chicken, but don't want to do any cooking. And when I don't want to cook, the rest goes easy too.

This combination always reminds me of my university days. Every other week, the restaurant served "kip op grootmoeders wijze' = 'my grandmother's chicken,' which was a chicken leg in brown sauce and it always came with applesauce.


This is what you need for 4 servings:

  • 1 rotisserie chicken
  • 1 jar applesauce of your preference
  • other side dishes of your preference
    • potato salad
    • coleslaw
    • ...
Pic1: rotisserie chicken with applesauce, potato salad, coleslaw


Pic2-4: 2020-02-03 — with avocado and applesauce

b. rotisserie chicken with apple compote


Pic5-7: with apple compote

c. rotisserie chicken, jackfruit, potatoes x2


Pic3: the meal
Pic4+5: rotisserie chicken


Pic6-8: jackfruit, boiled red potatoes, boiled sweet potatoes


d. rotisserie chicken, served cold

Cold chicken is a favorite item for picnics and quick meals. Why bother warming it up again when cold chicken is quite delicious also. I usually have leftovers when I buy a rotisserie chicken, and those are often used for chicken salad or a cold dish like this one.



Pic9+10: 2019-11-06 refrigerated leftovers
Pic11: 2019-10-29 served with potato salad and lettuce mix