chicken feet


This is the basic recipe for making a good strong chicken stock. All other recipes are just adding something extra in different combinations. If you don't have chicken feet, just add a chicken leg instead whenever a recipe calls for chicken stock.

A. refried chicken feet

I was looking for chicken gizzards, didn't find those, but ran into these. A bit overpriced at $2/lb, but on the other hand, they were already cleaned. Boiled chicken feet taste very similar to pig's feet with considerably less meat. Refrying them shifts the taste towards roast chicken.  


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 2 lbs. chicken feet, cleaned
Pic1: refried chicken feet


Pic2-4: boiling chicken feet


Pic5-7: refried chicken feet

Cleaning barnyard chicken feet before cooking:

Cooking chicken feet:

Serving suggestion:

B. zombie chicken feet


This was my 2014 contribution to Halloween: zombie chicken feet.

In the regular world this is known as chicken feet soup. I made this during the time I raised my own chickens. When I fished those feet out of the broth, the first thing that came to mind was 'zombie chicken!' because the skin was falling apart and the bones were showing just like in those many zombie TV series nowadays. Not everyone appreciated the reference. :-)

Chicken feet may not look very appetizing—especially when they start falling apart—and the initial smell of the cooking may not be very pleasant, but they make a very good and concentrated chicken stock. The only difference with the above recipe is that I boiled these until they literally started falling apart.

The feet taste imo very similar to pig's feet, although they are less fatty and much skinnier. I enjoy them as an appetizer or small snack without anything else to go with it. You can of course always serve them with the soup, dressed in the appropriate halloween witch costume.  :-)



This is what you need for 5 quarts:

  • 8 chicken feet (or other bird)
  • S&P


  • vegetables of your choice
    (none here)
Pic1: those zombie feet still have some skin and meat on them...


Pic2: a very gelatinous and delicious chicken stock
Pic3: zombie chicken feet