chicken enchiladas with rice, red beans


This is Stouffer's frozen food. As was to be expected, it was convenient but rather disappointing, mostly rice and red beans. I can't honestly say I tasted chicken meat or chile peppers in there.  The only 'good' thing that can be said about it is that it feeds two for 2 days, but even that isn't a compliment.

See my chicken grenchiladas recipe for something a lot more satisfying.


This is what you need for 4-5 servings:

  • 3-lb. box Stouffer's chicken enchiladas
  • extra nacho cheese
Pic1: chicken enchiladas with rice, red beans



Pic2: the box
Pic3: bake
Pic4: served


Pic5: served with green salad
Pic6+7: served


Pic8-10: leftovers