beef tongue with ...

2014-01-12 a.o.

You've cooked that tongue. Now what are you going to do with it?

Beef tongue au naturel is quite good. You don't have to make a sauce. You can serve it as is with rice, potatoes or pasta and any veggies you like. Below are pictures of a few things I've done, but let that not limit you in any way. Improvise, give your imagination free rein.


Pic1: cabbage
Pic2: b├ęchamel cabbage
Pic3: peas & carrots, pan-fried mashed potatoes


Pic4: in a cold salad
Pic5: in a stew
Pic6: in a tortilla wrap


Pic7: refried
Pic8: carrot sauce
Pic9: with potatoes in tomato sauce


Sauced Beef tongue

For the sauce recipes, see Part 5 - Sauces.

The majority of beef tongue sauces I have seen are tomato-based.
Again, these are just a few possibilities of many. If you have a sauce recipe that you like, try t with beef tongue. It will most likely be great.


Pic10: tomato sauce
Pic11: mini-pepper sauce
Pic12: tomato caper sauce


Pic13: Aurora sauce
Pic14: Madeira sauce
Pic15: not a pot pie filling