refried beef tongue

2018-06-25 a.o.

Beef tongue is usually cooked and served with a sauce. I pan-fried sliced beef tongue like a steak today. It tastes different from the usual, but it’s quite nice. I’ll do this again.

Don't try this with raw beef tongue. This recipe starts where all the others ended: with fully cooked beef tongue.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • ½ lb. cooked beef tongue,
    sliced up to 1/4” thick
Pic1: refried beef tongue



Pic2: cooked tongue
Pic3: refrying
Pic4: refried

Tacos de lengua


Pic5: beef tongue
Pic6: stir-frying
Pic7: salsa verde, onions, cilantro


Pic8-10: various tacos de lengua - internet pictures