broiled London broil


London broil is a thicker top round steak that is cut from a single muscle, very lean without any gristle. With a thickness from ½ " to just over 2", they fill the gap between top round steaks and roasts.

London Broil is a very good cut for broiling because of its uniform thickness throughout. The broiler will cook the meat evenly without hot or cold spots. Even so, I rarely use the broiler. I did try it this once though.

The broiler is extremely hot (550 ºF) which makes this ideal for the thinner London Broil steaks. In thicker steaks, the outside would burn black before the inside could warm up enough. Turning the steak a few times may help to alleviate that problem.


This is what you need for # servings:

  • 1 lb. London broil,
    this one was only ¾” thick
  • S&P spices of choice
  • optional:
    • olive oil
Pic1: broiled London broil


Pic2+3: under the broiler, glowing hot
Pic4: served