steak & fries

many, many dates

Steak & fries; preferably with tomatoes and a big clod of mayo. One could well call this the true taste of Belgium, a national symbol, the all-time favorite Belgian meal. 

By all means, be generous with the mayo. This sauce is the perfect complement for each of the three ingredients of this meal and the four together give you a symphony of colors and flavors.


Pic1: 2014-08-15
Pic2: 2015-04-23
Pic3: 2015-08-10

Since taking these pictures, I have switched completely to buying frozen crinkle fries instead of cutting my own fries. I find that these crinkle fries brown better than straight fries. 

Steak & Fries on the internet

So many different presentations for the same menu item. Take note that none of these restaurants serve tomato ketchup with the fries.