steak, deep-fried zucchinis, scalloped potatoes


I tried out something new today. I had never made a batter for deep-frying from scratch. That was today's kitcheneering experiment. It turned out pretty good.

The steak and scalloped potatoes were just things I had in my fridge that needed to be used.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 1 steak for 2
  • 1 large zucchini
  • scalloped potatoes, cooked, refrigerated
  • S&P, seasoning


  • 1 egg
  • all-purpose flour
  • chilled water (or juice)
  • baking soda
  • S&P, seasoning
Pic1: steak, deep-fried zucchinis, scalloped potatoes

a. deep-fried battered zucchinis

Kitcheneering experiment # 1634.

The batter I made is loosely based on an internet tempura batter recipe, but of course I couldn't resist giving it my own personal twist. ☺

I used fruit juice instead of chilled water because I had that sitting right in front of me on the table. I also added a bit of baking soda, to get it to fluff up when being fried.
This is a very different effect than breaded zucchinis.

OK, I know, heavy-duty calorie load, greasy spoon and such. The batter actually protects the zucchini from the grease and I don't force anyone to eat the batter. Well, maybe just a little taste, because it is good!



Pic2-4: batter


Pic5-7: deep-fry


Pic8-10: served

b. scalloped potatoes

This was a dish that I prepared a week ago 2020/08/28, but I miscalculated the time it needed in the oven. It wasn't ready when I served that day's meal and we didn't want to wait for it. It went in the refrigerator, and today I reheated half while cooking the steak.


Pic11-13: scalloped potatoes

c. special trim 'steak'

This was not really a steak-cut, but more of a very small brisket flat, i.e. meat with very long horizontal muscle fibers, which is usually better suited for stew than steak. My experience with these 'special trim' pieces from Sam's Club is that they are unusually tender for stew-cuts, possibly because of the cryovac packaging.

This 'steak' needed a very sharp knife, but was otherwise quite good.


Pic14-16: steak