Ribeye steak Tampiqueña (Tex-Mex)


The original Mexican dish with this name is something very different than this.
The Tex-Mex version is what the local NM restaurants serve as steak Tampiqueña.

I used a better-quality steak, brown rice instead of white and a milder green chile.
Other than that, it's very similar to what Si Señor serves here in Deming, NM.

I didn't serve chips & salsa for starters or sopapillas afterwards, missed that. The main dish alone took me long enough to prepare. That's why it was so nice to dine out once in a while. Unfortunately, 7 months into Covid dining out is still not safe.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 1 thick NY ribeye steak
  • 1 medium yellow onion
  • 2 green bell peppers
  • up to 2 cups frozen onion & bell pepper mix
  • 1 cup green chile
  • 1 can beans for refrying
  • shredded melting cheese (Chihuahua)
  • olive oil
  • S&P
Pic1: ribeye steak Tampiquena (Tex-Mex)



Pic2: ingredients
Pic3: ribeye steak
Pic4: green chile


onions and bell peppers

Pic5-7: onions, bell peppers


refried beans

Pic8-10: refried beans with cheese


brown rice

Pic11-13: rice

serving #1: with green chile

Pic14-16: thick steak = very rare


serving #2: no green chile

Pic17-19: thin steak = well done