harissa ribeye steak / grilled burger



a. harissa ribeye steak with fries and tomato

Harissa is a Moroccan / North-African condiment made with hot red peppers and olive oil. When pan-fried it becomes very similar to some New Mexican red salsas.

Steak fries and tomatoes are a classic Belgian combination, usually served with mayonnaise.


This is what you need for each serving:

  • 1 ribeye steak, 1/2-3/4 lb.
  • harissa
  • olive oil

The rest of the meal:

  • fry-cut potatoes, frying oil
  • beefsteak tomato
  • mayo or other condiments
Pic1: harissa ribeye steak, fries and tomato



Pic2: on the grill
Pic3: served
Pic4: medium-rare


Pic5-7: potato fries


Pic8-10: served


b. grilled burger with fries and tomato

This was one of the frozen burgers I made with leftover meat mix of one of my stuffed cucumber recipes. I cooked this for Marielos without the harissa, because she doesn't care for very spicy food.

The remainder, tomato and fries was the same as above, albeit in smaller portions.



Pic11-13: burger, fries, tomato