chuck stew with poblano peppers, scalloped potatoes


I love poblano peppers. I'd eat them with just about everything. Today I did. ☺


This is what you need for 4+ servings:

  • 2-3 lbs. chuck roast
  • 6 poblano peppers
  • 1 large yellow onion
Pic1: chuck stew, scalloped potatoes with poblano peppers

a. scalloped potatoes with poblano peppers

Scalloped potatoes prepared with dehydrated sliced potatoes seem to retain a little bit of crunch, which is nice. I've made scalloped potatoes with fresh potatoes, and they have hardly any texture left when done. I like a little bit of texture.



Pic2-4: dehydrated sliced potatoes


Pic5: cheese or béchamel sauce
Pic6: potatoes
Pic7: cheese-stuffed poblano peppers


Pic8: more potatoes + sauce
Pic9: cheese & breadcrumbs
Pic10: baked

b. chuck stew with poblano peppers


Pic11-13: ingredients


Pic14-16: onions, poblano peppers


Pic17-19: add meat


Pic20+21: served
Pic22: leftover stew

c. steak & poblano burrito

If you like tortillas with the meal, you can serve them on the side, or turn this meal into a burrito.
Fully-cooked burritos can be frozen for up to 6 months. Do the work now, not later. ☺


Pic23: leftover scalloped potatoes
Pic24+25: make a burrito