braised chuck


This is nice piece of chuck roast from Peppers, our local grocery store here in Deming, NM.

I don’t braise beef very often. This is what you do if you want to make pulled meat. This can also be prepared overnight in a crockpot.


This is what you need for 4-6 servings:

  • Chuck roast 2+ lbs.
  • S&P
  • optional:
    • dark beer (Belgian Leffe dark)
    • 1 cup BBQ sauce
    • 1 cup pureed red chile
Pic1: braised chuck



Pic2: brown the meat
Pic3: add beer
Pic4: add beer


Pic5: add sauce (BBQ)
Pic6: add sauce (red chile)
Pic7: simmer


Pic8: all done
Pic9: do you thicken the sauce?
Pic10: served