vegetable soup with brie cheese


Adding 'stinky' cheeses to soups can give them a whole new dimension of smell and flavor. Think any double/triple cream cheese and even the much stronger-tasting blue cheeses. They are not nearly as overwhelming when dissolved in soup. I love to watch the brie cheese melt away little by little until only the white rind is left.

This is another quick and simple recipe with tons of flavor, and in this case also smell! Brie cheese that has been allowed to age a few days on the countertop will taste and smell a lot stronger than when fresh from the store. Regardless of its age, this soup will make the entire house smell like a really big cheese.

If you don’t care for brie, you can substitute any type of double or triple cream cheese that you like better. Let it age for a few days first, that its flavor doesn't get lost in the soup.

This recipe is based on a mixed vegetable soup with undetermined content. The soup itself is not that important. It is just a vehicle for the magnification of brie cheese.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 1 qt. of vegetable consommĂ© or soup
  • 4 oz. brie cheese
  • French bread, sliced, toasted
  • Optional:
    • heavy cream
Pic1: vegetable soup with brie



Pic2: brie on bread
Pic3: I'm melting ...
Pic4: served