turkey soup with pears


Something to try with your turkey leftovers. This combination is amazingly good.

I had the turkey soup. I had the stewed pears. As I'm always willing to experiment, I put the two together. It was a wonderful combination, a great success. Pears have a fairly delicate flavor. Do not add any other vegetables that may distract from the pears.

Turkey soup is already fairly sweet all by itself. With pears added, that sweetness is even more prominent. If it is too much to your liking, add a bit of lime juice to taste.

This is quite different from turkey soup with red wine pears. The wine changes the flavor a lot.


This is what you need for each serving:

  • turkey soup, strained
  • stewed or overripe pears
Pic1: pears & turkey soup



Pic2: turkey soup
Pic3: stewed pears
Pic4: pears & turkey soup