Canned turkey Soup


This is canned after-turkey-doomsday soup. The meat has been sitting in broth for months, and during that time it turned into this delicious and surprisingly concentrated turkey soup that can be diluted several times without losing flavor. It already has vegetables to go with it, so no extra work is needed to put a good meal soup on the table.

Turkey lends itself very well to canning. You have huge amounts of meat on a single bird, and with some vegetables—I always used carrots and potatoes—the outcome is delicious. Canned turkey soup retains good quality and flavor for well over a year without refrigeration.


This is what I used for  quarts:

  • 1 quart canned turkey soup with carrots & potatoes
  • 2 qts water
  • S&P
Pic1: canned turkey soup


This is another ‘pour and heat’ deal.