The nice thing about keeping rabbits is that they breed like rabbits and will forever keep your freezer well stocked. I always make rabbit soup after processing several rabbits. I freeze or pressure-can the legs and loin pieces but I still need to do something with the heads, spines and ribcages. Those have quite a bit of meat and they need slow moist cooking to get the most out of them. I always cook these rabbit 'discards' with vegetables for extra flavor and I keep simmering until well after everything falls apart. 

Rabbit stock has almost no fat because it gets pulled off their bodies together with the skin. Because many spices and condiments are fat-soluble, adding some other animal fat or vegetable oil may greatly enhance the flavor.


This is what I used:

  • rabbit heads, bones, spines, ribcages
  •  vegetables of choice
  • S&P
Pic1: rabbit stock has very little fat



Pic2: the good pieces will be frozen or canned
Pic3: the 'discards' get turned into soup