Poultry stock

Older birds have to be stewed or boiled to make them tender enough to eat. Those old birds might not be the best to eat, but they do make a wonderful stock. It doesn’t matter what kind of bird you cook, the stock is always very nutritious and delicious. It is for good reason that chicken broth is often the first meal a sick person is allowed to eat.

Chicken, duck, goose, turkey or whatever other bird you may have available, they all have their own typical flavor, and that flavor will come through even when making stock. The nice thing is that you don’t have to use the nice parts. Everything but the feathers and intestines will do! You can even wait until after the roasted bird has been served and use the bones and leftovers.

The process to make poultry stock is pretty much the same for other meats and vegetables: cut, cook, and strain.

Chicken Stock

Pic1: stock from chicken feet is delicious
Pic2: chicken stock with meat and vegetables = soup

Duck Stock

Pic3: stock from duck carcasses
Pic4: duck necks and giblets

Turkey Stock

Pic5: turkey leftovers
Pic6: Making turkey soup

A turkey is likely to be the biggest bird most families will ever have for dinner. There’s bound to be leftovers. Why not stock up on stock after turkey day? It will save you a lot of time later on throughout the year.

Turkey stock is a very good base for soups and sauces. Turkey stock or soup freezes well. Canned it will easily keep until next turkey day comes about. It will taste even better if you add some meat or bones in the canning jar. I prefer not to add salt or spices when making stock for freezing or canning. That avoids the problem of mistakenly adding it a second time when using later.

1. turkey soup:

2. Turkey stock:


Canning produces a much stronger stock, especially if you add some bones. The meat and bones can sit in the stock for months on end. That is a very long time to make a good strong brew. Stovetop just can’t compete with that kind of dedication. :-)


Pic5: canned duck
Pic6: canned turkey soup