canned rabbit soup

Canned goods are almost a must for Preppers and rabbits are easy to raise, harvest and can. Canned rabbit will keep for several years without refrigeration.

I harvested my rabbits fairly late, when they dressed out at 5-6 lbs. They were so big that I couldn't even fit one of their legs in a quart canning jar. I used half-gallon jars and I needed 2 jars to fit one rabbit. (Pic1)

I will be the first to admit that canned meat doesn't look very appetizing, but it makes great soup. A big advantage of canned goods is that all the work has already been done. All you need to do is warm it up and add some seasoning. You can make this recipe from scratch with fresh ingredients and undoubtedly it will be good, but canned meat stock tastes so much better.

A. rabbit soup with carrots & potatoes


Pour, heat, eat.

I used all canned vegetables too because I had them available. If you want to use fresh vegetables and still eat the meat, you'll need to cook the vegetables and heat the meat separately, then combine the two. That way, you can avoid that the meat gets completely shredded.


This is what you need for 8+ quarts:

  • ½ gallon jar canned rabbit
    = about 4 lbs. of rabbit meat
  • 1 qt jar canned carrots
  • 1 qt jar canned potatoes
  • S&P
  • Optional: 
    • 1 tbsp. tomato powder
    • 1 pckg. knorr dried vegetable mix
Pic1: canned rabbit in ½ gallon jars



Pic2: pour & heat
Pic3: the meal ...
Pic4: ... and the soup

Another day, another soup

Pic5: same combination, another day 2016-08-16
Pic6: this broth is opaque because of all the potato starch

B. rabbit soup with onions & tomatoes


Same method as above, with extra ingredients: canned onions, canned tomatoes.

Pic7: pour & heat
Pic8: the meal
Pic9: the soup