Canned Onion Soup

2014-10-25 a.o.

Onion soup from canned onions is ready in 10 minutes. That alone makes canning onions worthwhile. The onions caramelize during canning. All you have to do is pour and heat. These canned onions can also be used in cooking in lieu of fresh onions.  

Q: Do you have a recipe for canning onions?
A: I keep my canning quite simple: just onions and a minimal amount of water. It's easy to add spices or other additives after opening the jar, but you can't take them out if they don't fit the dish you want to prepare. I just slice the onions, blanch them briefly, pack the jars and use the same liquid to fill up the jar. Onions are low-acid, so they have to be pressure canned.

Q: How long can this be stored?
A: If you follow recommended procedures, your canned goods should be OK for at least a year until the new harvest comes. You can probably go for several years as long as the seal remains good. Always discard any suspicious jars. Always reheat the content after opening a jar.


This is what you need for 3 servings:

  • 1 qt canned onions
  • beef stock or water + bouillon concentrate
  • S&P
  • toasted bread
  • shredded melting-cheese
Pic1: canned onion soup



canned onions are easy