Three-Lettuce Soup


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The first time my mom made lettuce soup, I was surprised that you could do that. But it tastes quite good. It is pretty much the same procedure as making Spinach Soup, but a very different flavor.

The flavor will ultimately depend on what kinds of lettuce you add. I used what I had available in my garden that day: red bok choy, buttercup lettuce and reddina lettuce. I also used 2 onions and a few turnips. The turnip greens went to the chickens.

Bok choy is a cabbage, but it looks leafy enough to fit in here. It gives the soup a peppery flavor, reminiscent of mustard leaves but not nearly as strong. If you like your soup to have a bit of a bite, add some hot peppers or red/green chile.

Be aware: If you use lettuce plants that are going to seed, the leaves will taste bitter, even more so than many endives.


This is what you need for 10 quarts / 20+ servings:

  • 1 head each of
    • red bok choy
    • buttercup lettuce
    • reddina lettuce
  • 2 chicken legs
  • S&P
  • optional:
    • hot pepper
    • green chile
Pic1: 3-lettuce soup



Pic2: freshly harvested
Pic3: load the pot
Pic4: all done


Serving suggestions:

Pic5: serve meat and boiled lettuce
Pic6: add green chile?