cucumber soup

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All pictures on this page except Pic2 have been borrowed from the internet.

 Cucumber soup is very easy to make. The method is the same as for Zucchini Soup with or without the blending. Blend and chill cucumber soup makes it Vichyssoise.

We're talking the big salad cucumbers here, not the little ones for pickling. Cucumber skin can be bitter. Better peel it. By itself, the cucumber may be rather bland. Add spices and other vegetables for different flavor combinations.


Pic1: cucumber soup
Pic2: cucumbers with other vegetables


This is what you need for 4 servings:


b. Cucumber Soup on the internet


Pic3: simmering
Pic4: blended
Pic5: served with parsley


Pic6: with potatoes & corn
Pic7: chilled
Pic8: Polish cucumber soup