Corn soup


Fresh non-GMO sweet corn tastes wonderful, both raw and cooked. It really doesn’t need extra spices. Use yellow corn to make a yellow soup and white corn for a cream-colored soup.

recipe adapted / adopted from this page.


Pic1: yellow cream of corn soup - internet picture
Pic2: 2019-09-26 — white cream of corn soup



This is what you need for 4 servings:


b. picture directions

1. cream of yellow corn

internet pictures

Pic3: shuck the corn
Pic4: done
Pic5: boil


Pic6: puree
Pic7: simmer
Pic8: add reserved kernels


2. cream of white corn


Pic9: simmer
Pic10: blend
Pic11: reheat


3. with ham


Pic12: chop
Pic13: stir-fry
Pic14: stir-fry with corn


Pic15: add to soup
Pic16: mix & serve
Pic17: enjoy

c. Corn Soup on the Internet

Corn soup is international, and each country / region has its own variation on a theme.
All the pictures on this page were borrowed from the internet, no sources available.


Pic1: creamed  yellow corn
Pic2: white corn
Pic3: corn + tomato


Pic4: Jamaican
Pic5: Thai
Pic6: Chinese


Pic7: Mexican
Pic8: Philippine
Pic9: red Cajun


Pic10: corn + sweet pea
Pic11: corn + zucchini
Pic12: white Cajun