Orange bell pepper soup & sauce


Orange bell peppers are considerably sweeter than the red and green ones. This is another cream of ... soup that deliciously brings out the flavor of the vegetable it features. This one is almost too sweet to be served as a meal starter. You might want to chill it and eat it as a dessert soup instead.

Paprika powder will shift the color further to a deeper orange-red.

Do not add as much water, or simmer this down to a thick sauce to concentrate the flavor and get bell pepper sauce.


This is what you need for 4 servings:

  • 4 orange bell peppers
  • S&P
Pic1: cream of orange bell pepper soup



Pic2: cut away the core
Pic3: remove seeds and white veins
Pic4: slice


Pic5: stew
Pic6: boil
Pic7: puree