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Beef tripe is popular in various preparations around the world.

Menudo is the Mexican interpretation of that theme and it comes in 2 variations: red menudo has red chile added, white hasn’t. I didn’t care for either at first. I can testify this is most certainly an acquired taste.

a. white menudo with extras


I don't mind committing culinary sacrilege if it makes me like the food in front of me better. I started tweaking the recipe somewhat by adjusting quantities (4 times the recommended amount of tripe, no red chile) and ingredients (add various vegetables). The vegetables add flavor to the broth, which I otherwise find to be overly bland.

To turn this into red menudo, add pureed red chile to taste.


This is what you need for yield 8 quarts:

  • 6-8 lbs. frozen beef tripe, cut up.
  • 1 lb. uncooked frozen hominy (Pic2)
  • 2 tbsp. salt 6 qts. water


  • 4 frozen pig’s feet
  • 2 pkg. Knorr 'vegetable recipe mix’
  • 2 tbsp. dried parsley
    If fresh, only add it at the very end, or as garnish while serving
Pic1: 2016-01-19 — white menudo with a lot of broth



Pic2: frozen hominy (nixtamal)
Pic3: the soup is ready
Pic4: and served with a little broth


2020-03-15 — Day 1:

Pic5: tripe, Knorr 'vegetable recipe mix'
Pic6: 1 hour later, add hominy and pig's feet
Pic7: 2 hours later again


Pic8: after 4 hrs. for tripe, 3 hrs. for hominy and pig's feet
Pic9: served as soup
Pic10: served as meal without broth

2020-03-16 — Day 2:

Pic11: pig's feet are much softer on day 2 after another 1-2 hrs. simmering
Pic12: cup of soup
Pic13: heavy cream makes it smoother

Another day, more of the same: 2020-08-30

Pic14: starting
Pic15: menudo broth without hominy
Pic16: add hominy


Pic17-19: all done

b. White Menudo with carrots

Same recipe as above, with carrots added. As expected, the carrots turn the soup orange.


Pic14: another day, another batch
Pic15: served with little broth
Pic16: served with a lot of broth

c. red Menudo

Same recipe as above. Add pureed red chile to taste towards the end.



Pic17: menudo will gel when refrigerated
Pic18+19: reheat and white menudo ...  becomes red menudo

d. canned menudo

Since Fall 2019 menudo is also available canned as a new product in the local grocery stores. It  is amazingly good for a commercial product.  Marielos doesn't normally like red menudo, but even she enjoyed this one.

It comes in several variations, mild to extra hot, without hominy ...


Pic20+21: canned red menudo