beef shank & celery soup


I buy beef shank probably once or twice a year. I can only get it in the frozen meat department at our local grocery store Peppers, and they don't always have it.

The legs are the toughest parts of the cow. It takes 4-6 hours of boiling to dissolve the tendon sheets and tenderize a shank cut. Like these other soup meat cuts, the best part is that you get a strong stock for your efforts. This can also be done with a slow-cooker instead of stovetop.

This is a very simple recipe, yet the result is outstanding. It doesn't always have to be complicated to be good.


This is what you need for 4 quarts:

  • 2 center cut beef shanks (= 1 package)
    look for the ones with more meat than bone
  • 1 celery
  • 1 medium onion
  • S&P
Pic1: beef shank & celery soup



Pic2: frozen beef shank and celery
Pic3: load the pot
Pic4: all done