Arcadelt, Jacob + Dietsch, Pierre Louis Phillipe - Ave Maria

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Composer: Jacob Arcadelt (c.1505-68), s.a.  MISATTRIBUTION
aliases, aka:  ARCHADELT, ARKADELT, HARCADELT, Giacomo, Jacob
Country of origin / activity:
Text author: traditional /  Pierre Louis Philippe Dietsch (1808 - 1865)
Arranger / Editor: Pierre Louis Philippe Dietsch (1808 - 1865)

Jacob Arcadelt did NOT write an Ave Maria.

What is commonly called 'Arcadelt's Ave Maria' is a 19th century adaptation by Pierre Louis Philippe Dietsch (1808 - 1865) of Arcadelt's "Nous voyons que les hommes." 

The bass part in particular is entirely Dietsch's work.
Various editors have changed bar lines, note lengths, and word underlay to reflect what they considered correct Latin word stress.

Correct attribution should be:
Jacob Arcadelt, as adapted by Louis Dietsch
or Arcadelt / Dietsch (in analog with Bach / Gounod)
SEE THIS PAGE: Louis Dietsch

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Arcadelt - Nous voyons que les Hommes

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A biographical dictionary of musicians (ed. Theodore Baker)  G. Schirmer, 1905 - Biography & Autobiography - 695 pages
Arcadelt Jacob or Jachet Arkadelt Archadet Arcadet Harcadelt distinguished Flemish composer and teacher b abt 1514 maestro dei putti to the Papal Chapel 1539 1540 singer in the same in 1544 holding the office of Camer i igo went in 1555 with the Due de Guise to Paris where he is mentioned in 1557 as Regius musicus and where he probably died between 1570 75 His Roman period was devoted to secular his Paris period to sacred composition Of his numerous extant works 6 books of 5 part madrigals Venice 1538 1556 his finest and most characteristic comp s and 3 books of masses in 3 7 parts Paris 1557 are chief among those preserved in print
Cyclopedia of music & musicians, Volume 1  John Denison Champlin, William Foster Apthorp - Scribner, 1893

ARCADELT Archadelt Arcadet Harcha delt Arkadelt JACOB born in the Netherlands towards the end of the 15th century died in Paris 15 The story that he was a pupil of Joaquin Depres is probably untrue.

In 1540 he was admitted into the Pontifical Choir at Rome and in 1555 entered the service of the Cardinal Charles of Lorraine Duke of Guise whom he followed to Paris

Arcadelt was one of the many Flemish composers who migrated to Italy he helped to found the great Roman school and was one of Palestrina's most distinguished forerunners

He united French delicacy of sentiment Flemish mastery of musical form and Italian culture in quite an exceptional way and was at once one of the most important and prolific composers of his day

Together with Willaert and Verdelot he was one of the founders of the madrigal
His first book of 53 madrigals Venice 1538 reached its sixteenth edition in 1617 and was followed by five other books

If in his church compositions Arcadelt's style is of almost heroic grandeur and shows the most complete mastery over all the intricacies of counterpoint, (albeit he seems to have despised the then popular Netherlandish tricks in his Italian madrigals) we discover perhaps the first dawn of the sentimental element in music.
His French chansons on the other hand are perfect little cabinet pieces of contrapuntal elaborateness

Notwithstanding the glorious musical epoch which followed close upon his death Arcadelt's works were long looked upon with the greatest veneration Frescobaldi wrote an organ piece on a theme del Signore Arcadelt and even Liszt wrote a pianoforte piece on an Ave Maria of his.

His published works are
Three books of Masses for 3 4 5 and 7 voices Paris Adrien Le Roy 1557 one book of these for 4 and 5 voices republished 4to in 1583 II primo libro de madrignli a piu voci Venice 1538 subsequent editions in 1539 1540 ib Vincenzo Bianchi 1541 1542 1545 1550 1551 1552 1556 1560 1568 1581 1603 1606 1617 II secondo libro de madrigali etc Venice Antonio Gardane 1539

Four other books of madrigals published about the same period L excellence des chansons musicales Lyons 1572 2d ed 4to ib 1587 not a theoretical work as Forkel and Lichtenthal have supposed but a book of chansons Chansons franchises a plusieurs parties Lyons 1586

Other chansons are in Le dixieme de chansons a quatre parties composees par plusieurs auteurs Paris Nicolas Du Chemin 1552 and in some collections published by Adrien Le Roy also in Adriani Wigliar Cypriani de Rore Archadelt et Johannis Gero cantiones trium vocum aliaque madrigalia trisona di versorum auctorum Venice 1565 Title and date from Ambros not found in Eitner's Bibliography which however mentions a collection published by Scotto Venice 1566 bearing the same title in Italian Also an Ave Maria London Musical Times No 183 and an 8 voice Pater noster Com mer Collectio viij 21

Three sacred pieces are in the collection Piissimse ac sacratissimae lamentationes etc Paris Adrien Le Roy 15 and three others in Can ticum BV Maria quod Magnificat inscrib itur octo modis etc ib 15
Some four and five voice motets are in Forster's collection

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