Angelus ad Virginem

Composer: Anonymous - unknown


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!

English titles:
bulletGabriel to the virgin came
bulletGabriel to Mary came
bulletGabriel to Mary went
bulletGabriel from Heaven-King
bulletGabriel, From Heaven's King


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(1) An-ge-lus ad Vir-gi-nem Sub-in-trans in con-cla-ve,
Vir-gi-nis for-mi-di-nem De-mulc-ens, in-quit, "A-ve:
A-ve Re-gi-na Vir-gi-num;
C-li ter-r-que Do-mi-num Con-ci-pi-es
Et pa-ri-es In-ta-cta Sa-lu-tem ho-mi-num;
Tu c-li por-ta fac-ta, Me-de-la cri-mi-num."

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Angelus ad virginem subintrans in conclave
Virginis formidinum demulcens inquit Ave.
Ave regina virginum, coeli terraeque Dominum
concipies et paries intacta, salutem hominum.
Tu porta coeli facta, medela criminum.

Quomodo conciperem, quae virum non cognovi?
Qualiter infringerem, quae firma mente vovi?
'Spiritus sancti gratia perficiet haec omnia;
ne timaes, sed gaudeas, secura, quod castimonia
manebit in te pura Dei potentia.'
Ad haec virgo nobilis respondens inquit ei;
Ancilla sum humilis Omnipotentis Dei.
Tibi coelesti nuntio, tanta secreti conscio,
consentiens et cupiens videre factum quod audio,
Parata sum parere Dei consilio.

Eia Mater Domini, quae pacem reddidisti
angelis et homini, cum Christum genuisti;
tuum exora filium ut se nobis propitium
exhibeat et deleat peccata; praestans auxilium
vita frui beta post hoc exsilium.
Score:  No. 18 in 1905 Arundel Hyms with Latin text.
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Angelus ad Virginem - SATB + keyboard by Douglas Brooks-Davies 2009

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SATB arr. Douglas Brooks-Davies 2009

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Recording:  not available  
Gabriel to Mary came
Words: Angelus Ad Virginem,
Translation by W. A.  Pickard-Cambridge
Tune: Irish Medieval Carol
Meter: 77 77 88 11 6 7 6 (source)
Gabriel to Mary went
Words: Angelus Ad Virginem
Translator: Rev. J. O'Connor, 1905
(See music below)
Meter: 77 77 88 11 6 7 6 (Source)
1. Gabriel to Mary came,
And entered at her dwelling,
With his salutation glad,
Her maiden fears dispelling
'All hail, thou queen of virgins bright!
God, Lord of earth and heaven's height,
Thy very Son
Shall soon be born
in pureness,
The Saviour of mankind.
Thou art the gate of heaven bright,
The sinners' healer kind.'

2. 'How could I a mother be
That am to man a stranger?
How should I my strong resolve,
My solemn vows endanger?'
'Pow'r from the Holy Ghost on high
Shall bring to pass this mystery.
Then have no fear:
Be of good cheer,
That still thy chastity
In God's Almighty keeping
Shall all unsullied be.'

3. Then to him the maid replied,
With noble mien supernatural
'Lo! the humble handmaid
Of God the Lord eternal
With thee, bright messenger of heav'n,
By whom this wondrous news is giv'n,
I well agree
And long to see
Thy gracious prophecy.
As God my Lord doth will it,
So be it unto me!"

4. Hail! thou Mother of the Lord,
Who bring'st of gifts the rarest,
Peace to angels and to men
When Christ the Lord thou barest!
Do thou, we pray, entreat thy Son
For us our long'd redemption
Himself to win
And from our sin
Release us;
His succor for to give
That, when we hence are taken
We too in heav'n may live.

1. Gabriel to Mary went
    A mighty message bare he;
Deep in awe the Maiden bent
    To hear the first Hail
Mary. He spoke as soft as summer air;
'Hail first among the pure and fair!
    Thou undefiled
    Shall bear a Child
    All glorious
Salvation is thro' Him
By thee He comes victorious
O queen of Seraphim.'

2. 'How shall this befall?' she quoth,
    'For man hath never known me.
Can I break my plighted troth
    That none but God shall own me?'
The Angel said: 'O Maid believe,
The Holy Ghost shall this achieve.
    So be not sad,
    But wholly glad,
    For surely
Thy maidenhood so white
Shall shine for ever purely
By God's especial might!

3. Here the Maid of David's blood
    Spoke out in answer lowly:
'I am but the slave of God
    Omnipotent and holy.
To thee O high ambassador,
On whom such secrets He doth pour,
    I do consent,
    Right well content
    To hold me
For ever by His word.
O Gabriel! behold me
The handmaid of the Lord!'

4. Maiden Mother of us all,
    Who by thy Son sublimely
Brought the peace that Adam's fall
    Once banished untimely:
Implore that Strong and Holy One
That until this our day is done,
    His gentleness
    To our excess
May check us when we roam,
And in thy name effulgent
From exile call us home!


Score:  No. 19 in 1905 Arundel Hyms   SATB arr. Sidney P. Waddington (s.a.), 1905

2 other English text versions
Gabriel, from Heaven-King
Anonymous 13th or 14th Century Latin
Old-English translation
Gabriel, From Heaven's King
Based on the 13th Century Latin Hymn, Angelus Ad Virginem
transl. Gerald Manley Hopkins, S.J. (1844-1889)
1. Gabriel, from Heaven-King
Sent to the Maide sweete,
Brout hir blisful tidings
And fiar he gan he greete:
'Heil be thu, gull of grace aright!
For Godes Son, this Heven-Light
For mannes love Will man bicome
And take Fles of thee, Maide Bright,
Manken free for to make
Of sen and devles might.
1. Gabriel, from heaven's king
Sent to the maiden sweet,
Brought to her blissful tiding
And fair 'gan her to greet.
'Hail be thou, full of grace aright!
For so God's Son, the heaven's light,
Loves man, that He | a man will be | and take
Flesh of thee, maiden bright,
Mankind free for to make
Of sin and devil's might.'
2. Mildelich him gan andswere
The milde Maid thanne:
'Wichewise sold ich bere
A child withute manne?'
Th'angel hir seid: 'Ne dred tee nout;
Thurw th'Oligast sal bewen iwrout
This ilche thing
Warof tiding Ich bringe;
Al manken wurth ibout Thurw thing sweet childinge
And Ut of pine ibrout.'
2. Gently to him gave answer
The gentle maiden then:
'And in what wise should I bear
Child, that know not man?'
The angel said: 'O dread thee nought.
'Tis through the Holy Ghost that wrought
Shall be this thing | whereof tidings | I bring:
Lost mankind shall be bought
By thy sweet childbearing,
And back from sorrow brought.'
3. Wan the Maiden understood
And th'angels wordes herde,
Mildelich, with milde mood,
To th'angel hie andswerde:"'
'Ure Lords thewe maid iwis
Ich am, that heer aboven is;
Anentis me Fulfurthed be
Thi sawe That ich, sith his wil is,
A maid, withute lawe,
Of moder have the blis.'
3. When the maiden understood
And the angel's words had heard,
Mildly, of her own mild mood,
The angel she answered:
'Our Lord His handmaiden, I wis,
I am, that here above us is:
And touching me |fulfilled be | thy saw;
That I, since His will is,
Be, out of nature's law
A maid with mother's bliss.'
4. Th'angel went awei mid than
Al ut of hire sighte;
Hire womb arise gan
Thurw th'Oligastes mighte.
In hir wes Crist bilok anon,
Sooth God, sooth man in fles and bon,
And of hir fles Ibore wes
At time, Warthurw us kam good won;
He bout us ut of pine,
And let him for us slon.
4. The angel went away thereon
And parted from her sight
And straightway she conceived a Son
Through th' Holy Ghost His might.
In her was Christ contained anon,
True God, true man, in flesh and bone;
Born of her too | When time was due; | who then
Redeemed us for His own,
And bought us out of pain,
And died for us t'atone.
5. Maiden-Moder makeles,
Of milce ful ibunde,
Bid for us him that tee ches,
At wam thu grace funde,
That he forgive us sen and wrake,
And clene of evri gelt us make,
And heven-blis, Wan ur time is To sterve,
Us give, for thine sake,
Him so here for to sere
That heus to him take.
5. Filled full of charity,
Thou matchless maiden-mother,
Pray for us to him that He
For thy love above other,
Away our sin and guilt should take,
And clean of every stain us make
And heaven's bliss, | when our time is to die,
Would give us for thy sake;
With grace to serve him by
Till He us to him take. Amen.

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