Abt, Franz - Ave Maria - Op.128 No.2

public domainfor Alto solo + pianoforte

year of composition / 1st publication: 1854

Franz Abt (1819-1885)

Composer: Franz Abt (1819-1885)
aliases, aka: Franz Wilhelm Abt
Country of origin / activity: Germany
Text author: Wilhelm Floto (1812-1869), s.a.
Country of origin / activity: Germany
Arranger / Editor: N/A 

Similar names or titles

PDFMIDIMP3VIDFirst nameLast nameBirthDeathcompID #TitleVoicingInstrumentation
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851848Op.62/5Gruß an Maria - Die Nacht entfliehtduet 2vv.piano
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851852Op.96Ave MariaSopranopiano
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851854Op.128/2Ave MariaAltopiano
100Franz WilhelmAbt181918851860 La Prière  au Cloîtresolo voice piano
100Franz WilhelmAbt181918851860 Ave Maria solo voice piano
1100Franz WilhelmAbt181918851861Op.192/1Ave Maria -
Leis' sinkt der Dämm'rung Schleier
tenor solo + TTBB choira cappella
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851867Op.328/2Ave MariaMSopr. or Alto 
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851868Op.346/2Das Ave Maria in den AlpenTTBB choira cappella
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851871Op.409-1/1Ave MariaV (2)pf
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851872Op.411-1/1Ave Maria -
Leise sinkt der Dämm'rung Schleier
3-st. FrauenchorPfte
1111Franz WilhelmAbt181918851874Op.433Ave Maria (Gruß dir, Maria)Sopr. solopf
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851876Op.437-2/1Ave Maria (Abendfeier)
Nun ist der laute Tag verhallt
solo voicepiano
1100Franz WilhelmAbt181918851874Op.438Ave MariaSATBHarmonium or organ
1100Franz WilhelmAbt181918851906Op.438 arr.Ave MariaNVorgan
0011Franz WilhelmAbt181918851876Op.533/3Ave Maria -
Nun ist der laute Tag verhallt
T+B solos + TTBB choira cappella
0000Franz WilhelmAbt181918851878Op.540-1/2Ave Maria -
Leis' sinkt der Dämm'rung Schleier
2vv, 1 or 4 vv ad libpf

in: Zwei Gedichte von W. Floto (Spina, 1854); available at: (BL) (RISM)
See 40 melodies No. 1 and 40 melodies No.26. There is a possibility that one of those tunes is based on this song.
Until I do see a score of this song, this remains speculation.

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