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The Ave Maria  in hymnals

The congregation and organist editions side by side.

Crown hymnal
(Kavanach & McLaughlin, 1912)
Crown hymnal
organist's and teacher's edition (1913)

No. 82. Ave Sanctissima No. 83. Ave Maria, Bright and Pure



No. 85. Daily, daily sing to Mary (H. F. Hemy)

No. 90. Hail Virgin, dearest Mary (Lambillotte)

No. 94. How Pure, how Frail No. 97. Daily, daily sing to Mary (Tyrolese Air)
No. 98. Maiden Mother, Meek and Mild No. 99. Fading, still fading

No. 100. Hail, all Hail, Great Queen of Heaven No. 102. Hail Mary, only Sinless Child


No. 114 Hail Mary, Purest Gem of Earth No. 108. Immaculate Mary

No. 112. The Day is o'er, the Moon serenely Beaming No. 129. The Vow is made, and we belong to Mary


No. 140. Ave Maria, Guardian Dear (Lambillotte) No. 235. Ave Maria (M. M.)

No. 164. Hail Mary  

Ave Marias from these hymnals are presented in this website:
This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!    
1885 Laudis Corona 1905 The Principal Offertories of the
Ecclesiastical Year for four mixed voices
1912 The Westminster Hymnal
1886 Laudate_Pueri 1906 A New School of Gregorian Chant 1913 Repertorio de Cánticos Sagrados
1887 A hymnal and vesperal for the seasons and principal festivals of the Ecclesiastical Year 1906 St-Basil's hymnal
The entire St-Basil's Hymnal in MIDI
1913 American Catholic Hymnal
1888 Catholic Youth's Hymnal Book 1907 Concentus Sacri 1913 The De La Salle Hymnal
1891 Holy Face Hymnal 1907 The new office hymn book 1914 Hosanna (L. Bonvin)
1904 Holy Cross Hymn Book 1909 The Catholic Hymnal 1920 Catholic hymnal
1905 Arundel Hymns 1910 St Mark's Hymnal 1920 The St-Gregory hymnal .../...
1905 Catholic Church hymnal 1912 Crown hymnal 1921 Peters' Catholic Class Book
    1933 The Little Flower hymnal (S. Moreno)
This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA    
1935 Canticum Novum 1952 Cantate Omnes 1958 Chapel Hymnal
1941 Ave Maria Hymnal   1961 Liber Usualis  (Solesmes)

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