Ave Maria

Composer: Giulio Romano Caccini  (c.1550-1618)  = MISATTRIBUTION

                   Vladimir Fyodorovich Vavilov (1925-1973), CD 1970


This music is assumed to be under copyright protection in the USA



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status unclear, assumed to be This music is under copyright in the USA because of the 1970 Melodia label publication.

There are many arrangements of Vavilov's Ave Maria.

I have a score of this song I have a music notation program file of this song  (NWC, Sibelius, etc.) I have a MIDI file of this song. X X   John W.B.   Hartemink   1976           Ave Maria Vavilov - arr. Hartemink SATB wood + string ensemble

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giulio_Caccini retrieved 2009-12-29
One of the most popular Ave Marias is being misattributed to Caccini, the "Ave Maria" was in truth composed in the 1970s by Russian lutenist Vladimir Vavilov. Vavilov, who had a habit of attributing his compositions to famous composers, recorded the piece in [1972] 1970, attributing it to "Anonymous" on the album. Following Vavilov's death, Caccini's name was erroneously attached to the piece in subsequent recordings and performances.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ave_Maria_(Vavilov) retrieved 2009-12-29
Ave Maria (Vavilov)

"Ave Maria" is a popular and much recorded aria composed by Vladimir Vavilov around [1972] 1970.
It is [...] generally misattributed to Baroque composer Giulio Caccini.
Vavilov himself published and recorded it on the Melodiya label with the ascription to "Anonymous" in [1972] 1970.
It is believed that the work received its attribution to Giulio Caccini after Vavilov's death, by organist Mark Shakhin (one of its performers on the mentioned "Melodiya" longplay), who gave the "newly discovered scores" to other musicians; then in an arrangement made by the organist Oleg Yanchenko for the recording by Irina Arkhipova in 1987; then the piece become be famous worldwide[1][2][3].
Selected list of recorded versions
[1972] 1970 Vladimir Vavilov, Melodiya label   "Lute music of the XVI-XVII cent."
tr03 - Anonymous XVI cent. - Ave Maria
source: "Vladimir F. Vavilov" in Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedic Dictionary (Russian)
the original Vavilov recording.

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1987 Irina Arkhipova, arranged by Oleg Yanchenko
large product photo 1994 Inessa Galante, arranged for organ, on the live CD Musica Sacra, Campion label
1995 Inessa Galante, arranged by Georgs Brinums on the album Debut, Campion label

YouTube video  YouTube video

Lesley Garrett - A Soprano Inspired (CD) 1997 Lesley Garrett, arranged by Nick Ingman, on the album A Soprano Inspired
Voice of an Angel 1998 Charlotte Church, arranged by Nick Ingman, on the album Voice of an Angel
Cello Moods - Julian Lloyd Webber 1998 Julian Lloyd Webber on the album Cello Moods 
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1999 Andrea Bocelli, on the album Sacred Arias
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Prayers 2001 Sumi Jo, arranged by Steven Mercurio, on the album Prayers 
YouTube video
Luminosa 2001 Steven Geraghty of Libera, arranged by Robert Prizeman, on album Luminosa
New Dawn 2008 Tom Cully of Libera, arranged by Robert Prizeman, on album New Dawn

and many, many more ....

Use in Films and Trailers
Donnie Darko (2001)
Trollywood (2004)
Our Lady of the Assassins (2000, American release trailer)
1.^ Сергей Севостьянов, "Страницы жизни Владимира Федоровича Вавилова". Журнал Нева № 9 (2005).
2.^ "Вавилов Владимир Фёдорович" Иллюстрированный биографический энциклопедический словарь.
3.^ Гейзель Зеев, "История одной Песни" (15 февраля 2005)

Ave Maria
A-ve A-ve Ma-ri-a
A-ve Ma-ri-a A-ve Ma-ri-a
A-A-A-men. A-men.                         (x2)

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