Ave de Fatima / Il trece di Mayo / In Fatima's Cove / ...

Composer:  Anonymous - unknown - traditional melody ?
         text: António Botto (1892-1959)


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Lyrics / Score: (French version) Recording:  not available

C'est la Vierge Mère
Qui pour nous sauver
Descend sur la terre
Et vient nous parler.
Ave, ave, ave Maria
Ave, ave, ave Maria.
Des maux de la guerre,
L'Europe souffrait,
Et l'Europe entière
En sang se montrait.
Le mal à combattre,
Ce sont nos péchés.
Aux trois petits pâtres,
Marie dit « Priez ».

Priez pour le monde
Rempli de pécheurs.
Que la grâce abonde
Dans les pauvres cœurs.
Par vos sacrifices,
Payez le tribut,
Soyez les prémices
De l'humain salut.

Disons le Rosaire,
Au Ciel, notre Mère
Nous conduira tous.
Suivons notre Mère,
Portons notre croix,
Afin que la terre
Revienne à la foi.

À tous ceux qui l'aiment
Elle a fait le don
De son Cœur lui-même
Gage de pardon.

Spanish source    
El trece de mayo, la Virgen María
bajó de los cielos a Cova de Iría.
A tres pastorcitos la Madre de Dios
descubre el misterio de su corazón.
El Santo Rosario, constantes, rezad,
y la paz al mundo el Señor dará.

English text source    
1. In Fatima's cove on the thirteenth of May;
the Virgin Maria appeared at mid-day.

2. The Virgin Maria surrounded by light;
God's Mother is ours for she gives us this sight.

3. The world was then suffering from war, plague, and strife,
and Portugal mourned for her great loss of life.

4. To three shepherd children the Virgin then spoke
a message so hopeful, with peace for all folk.

5. With sweet Mother's pleading, she asked us to pray,
do penance, be modest, the Rosary each day.

6. All Portugal heard what God's Mother did say,
converted it sings of that Queen to this day.

7. We all must remember Our Lady's request,
do all that she asks for, obey her bequests.

8. She warned of behavior from which we must turn,
of thoughts, words, and actions which Christians must spurn.

9. To her sad, sweet pleading our promise is made,
that God's Law in all things be strongly obeyed.

10. From nation to nation her fair name is praised,
as souls from sin's bondage are contritely raised.

11. Our thanks to the Godhead, whose ways are so sure,
for giving us Mary, our Mother Most Pure.

12. Our hearts, overflowing with kindness and love,
thank her for God's graces bestowed from above.

13. Hail, Refuge of sinners! Hail, Star of the Sea!
Hail, Queen of Creation! Our hope is in thee.

14. All hail, Virgin Mary! This Star guides our way,
our country's Protectress, America's Way!







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