Throwaway Children     Throwaway Children.doc

By Sharon Rutherford  

1. A little boy with tears in his eyes,
His little heart breaking as he cries.
“Mama, why did daddy go away?
Is he gonna come back someday?
I guess he has a new family,
So now he’s going to be their daddy.”

4. A little girl cries all alone,
Wondering where has her Mama gone.
There used to be such loving hands,
Now there are only grownup demands.   

“Oh, son, that just isn’t true!
You’re part of your daddy, and he’s part of you.
That’s the way it will always be,
There are some things that you just can’t see.”  
“Mama, Mama, it hurts so much,
I don’t understand this touch. 
I must be bad ‘cause you went away,
And let me be hurt in this way.”   
Throwaway children everywhere!
Isn’t there anyone to care?
A little child needs a lot of sun,
If he’s to grow up to be someone.   
Now little girl it’s not so bad,
Just forget, it won’t seem so sad.
Mama has to go and find herself,
You’ll be fine up on this shelf.    

2. Little children coming home,
The house is empty, they’re all alone.
They have everything that money can buy,
But that doesn’t help them as they cry.   

5. Little children all in rows,  
“Are you my Mama?” No one knows.  
Off to the daycare, off to school,  
What a price to be a high-class fool!  
“Who am I? Where do I belong?  
Mama, what is a lullaby song?”    

“Mama, listen, Mama, why?”
”Don’t bother me know, I’ll listen by and by.”
“Daddy, daddy, can you show me how?”
”Maybe later, daddy’s resting now.”  
Runaway daddies everywhere,  
Looking for something that isn’t there.
A little child in tattered jeans,  
Never knowing what security means.  

3. Mama and daddy coming home,
The house is empty, they’re all alone.
Do you know where your children are?
Getting high in a brand-new car.  

6. Throwaway children everywhere,  
Isn’t there anyone to care?  
Look into their eyes, see a lost soul there,  
No one to protect them, it isn’t fair.
Throwaway children everywhere,
Isn’t there anyone to care?
Let’s have a child, just because.
That’s a good reason, everyone does.  
Throwaway children, everywhere,  
Growing up unable to care.  
Trusting believing no one,  
Throwaway children, do you know one?
Throwaway children, do you know one?  

(*)  The following verse was added at later time to the manuscript, and is not included in the recording:


Little babies everywhere,  
Isn’t there anyone to care?  
Lying safe in Mother’s womb,  
From the cradle to the tomb.  
A little life that will never be,  
Little eyes that will never see,  
Tiny hands, reaching out,  
Is this what Life is all about?  


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  Sharon’s comments with this song: 

The society we live in today is a “throwaway” society – if you’re tired of something or someone, or if they get in your way – Throw them away. 

Satan knows if he can destroy families that he’s got this nation – the world, and he’s doing a good job because he’s got most everyone convinced that the big “I” comes first, and everyone has a better idea than God.

People, for the most part, seem to do one of 2 things with their children – they either make them idols and worship them, teaching them that they are the center of their universe, and therefore gods; or they leave them to raise themselves, and they’re not equipped to do a very good job.

God expects us to raise godly children, who love and fear Him, and know to obey something other than their own desires but we have to be able to do that ourselves before we can teach them.

And it’s not easy – very few people have been “parented”, so they in turn don’t have the slightest idea how to “raise” their children. Someone has to be willing to break that cycle and be willing to die to self – and it hurts. 

When my marriage broke up, it was very hard for me to see clearly or to think about anyone but myself. I praise God for the people He put in my life to help me and the kids through that time.
I remember one time telling (...) about this great idea I had. He listened, then said, “Well, Sharon, what those children need is stability.” Then it got worse, he went on to talk about commitment, maturity, on and on… I don’t know if he realized it or not, but to my generation those were cuss-words! Right down there with old, ugly and boring.

Anyway, we’ll all stand before God someday and account for what we’ve done with the children He has entrusted to us, and that’s something to consider seriously when we make our choices.


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