Copyright applies as follows: 
- THE SONGS ARE INTENDED FOR WORSHIP AND MAY BE FREELY COPIED, DISTRIBUTED AND PERFORMED FOR THAT PURPOSE with the author credit and copyright notice attached. That will be the case if you use the full version of NoteWorthy Composer to print out the files on this website. 

- The songs may NOT have the words or music altered other than for purposes of translation and musical arrangement. 

If you translate the lyrics, you may take credit and copyright for the translation but not as original author.
If you write a significantly new arrangement you may take credit and copyright for the arrangement, but not as original author.
The copyright notice and original author credits should always appear as in the version downloaded from this site (although the phrase - Used with permission - may be added). 

- Sharon's songs are copyrighted.
As such, all commercial rights are reserved and belong to her children, and any commercial use (even of translations and arrangements)  will require written permission.
This means that without such the songs (or translations and/or arrangements thereof) may NOT be sold (not even to recover the cost of printing or recording ).
They may NOT be included in any compilation of material offered for sale, or for which a donation is requested.
They may NOT be distributed at any event for which admission is charged. 
Performance rights are similarly restricted: 
These songs (or translations/arrangements thereof) may NOT be performed at any event for which admission is charged regardless of how they are used within that event.
They are NOT to be recorded on any media which is subsequently sold or for which a donation is requested. 

- In plain English: 
You're welcome to use these songs to play and/or pray, but don't try to make money off them. 

- Finally: By downloading these songs from this site you agree to abide by the terms stated above.

Page last modified: September 18, 2011

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