The Little Country Church     The Little Country Church.doc

By Sharon Rutherford    08-25-1990  

CHORUS:          Oh! How happy I want you all to be,
                            In the little country church,
                            In the valley, in the valley, in the valley,
                            Keep your eyes on Me. 

1. If only sister-so-and-so,
Could be just like Me,
Oh how happy
the whole church would be!   

Whatís that You say, Lord?
Youíre not sure You agree?
Remove the log from my own eye?
Remember the Pharisee?


4. Well, if I canít have my way,
Then Iíll just stay home.
Thatís the way to make them pay,
The church just canít go on.   

Whatís that You say, Lord?
Youíre coming back someday?
Iíd better get down on my knees,
And listen to what You say?


2. But Iím worried about that preacher.
Heís not suitiní Me.
He talks too long on Sundays,
And never visits Me.

Whatís that You say, Lord?
Youíre not sure You agree?
You chose that man and sent him here?
He doesnít answer to Me? Well !!!


5. If I canít love my brother,
Whoís right in front of me,
Then I really donít love You either;
Thatís pretty plain to see. 

Youíre building Your Body,
Youíre building it with love.
You gave us Your precious Son Ė
Isnít that enough?


3. Well, if youíd let Me fix your church,
Iíd pick it all apart,
Then put it back together,
According to my heart. 

Why are You so quiet, Lord?
Donít you agree?
OhÖ thatís Your Bride Iím talking about,
It grieves You to listen to me?




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