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Ave Maria (SA + organ)

Composer: Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns,  (1835-1921), 1865


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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I have a music notation program file of this song  (NWC, Sibelius, etc.) I have a video of this song. Saint-Saëns 1835-1921 1865 Ave Maria : à 2 voix égales (SA + organ)  (1880  BNE)   
I have a music notation program file of this song  (NWC, Sibelius, etc.) I have a video of this song. Saint-Saëns 1835-1921 1880 Ave Maria (solo + organ) Ave Maria : sólo de soprano (BNE)


I have a music notation program file of this song  (NWC, Sibelius, etc.) I have a video of this song. Saint-Saëns 1835-1921 1893 Ave Maria soprano solo + organ


I have a music notation program file of this song  (NWC, Sibelius, etc.) I have a video of this song. Saint-Saëns 1835-1921 1900 Ave Maria (solo voice + organ)


I have a music notation program file of this song  (NWC, Sibelius, etc.) X X Saint-Saëns 1835-1921 1914   Ave Maria Op. 145 for 4vv. SATTB + organ  
X X X I have a video of this song. Saint-Saëns 1835-1921    Ave Maria #6: choir


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A-ve Ma-ri-a, gra-ti-a ple-na,
Do-mi-nus te-cum.
Be-ne-di-cta tu in mu-li-e-ri-bus,
Et be-ne-di-ctus fru-ctus ven-tris tu-i, Je-sus.

San-cta Ma-ri-a, Ma-ter De-i,
O-ra pro no-bis pec-ca-to-ri-bus, pec-ca-to-ri-bus,
O-ra pro no-bis, O-ra pro no-bis,
Nunc et in ho-ra mor-tis no-strae.

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International who's who in music and musical gazetteer, Volume 5 edited by César Saerchinger (1918)




SAINT SAENS Charles Camille Pianist and composer b Paris Oct 9 1835 lost his father in early youth and was brought up by his mother and a great aunt who gave him his first music lessons stud piano w Stamaty at 7 later harmony w Maledon gave a concert at the age of 11 entered the Paris Cons the following year 1847 where he stud organ w Benoist 2nd prize 1849 1st prize 1851 composition w Halevy and Reber and also privately w Gounod prod his first symphony at the age of 16 Societe de Ste Cecile Became teacher at the Niedermeyer School for Church Music and organist at the Ch of St Merry 1855 8 organist at the Madeleine from 1858 won the prize of the International Exposition of 1867 w his cantata Les Noces de Pro methee and prod 2 operas in Paris 1872 and 1877 resigned all his positions and devoted himself exclusively to composition 1877 giving organ and piano recitals in France and abroad visiting Germany Austria and England repeatedly also Russia Spain Portugal Africa and America last visit to US in 1915 when he cond a composition written for the Panama Pacific Exposition Having come in possession of all his family relics he laid the foundation stone to a Saint Saens Museum in Dieppe In 1897 Comp for orch symph poems La Jeunesse d Hercule op 50 1877 Danse macabre op 40 sym phonies No 1 In E flat major op 2 1853 No 2 In A minor op 55 No 3 in C minor w organ op 78 1886 2 others in MS F major 1856 D major 185 Suite op 49 Sulte Algerienne op 60 Jota Aragonese op 64 Rhapsodle Bretonne op 7a an adaption of motives from the organ rhap sodles op 7 Barcarolle op 63 Sarabande et Klgnudon op 93 Marche heYoique op 34 Coronation March for Edward VII of Eng land op 117 military marches Orient et Occident op 25 and Sur les bords du Nil op 125 Festival Overture op 133 Hymne Franco Espagnol for piano and orch 5 con certos D major op 17 18 iS G minor op 22 B major op 29 C minor op 44 F major op 109 Allegro appassionato op 70 Rhap sodie d Auvergne op 73 Fantalsie Africaine op 89 for violin and orch Caprice Anda lous op 122 3 concertos A minor op 20 C major op 58 B minor op 61 Concert Piece in A major op 6 Havanaise op S3 Intro ductlon et Rondo caprlccioso op 28 Ro mance op 48 for cello and orch 2 con certos A minor op 33 D minor op 119 Romance f cello or horn op 36 Concert Piece for horn op 94 Romance f horn or celto w orch op 36 La Muse et le Poete O f violin cello and orch op 132 Romance f flute or violin and orch op 37 Tarantella f flute clarinet and orch op 6 chamber mu sic 2 violin Bonatas D minor op 75 E flal major op 102 Cello Sonata In C minor op 32 Allegro appasionato for cello and piano I or orch op 43 Suite for do op 16 Ro I mance or do op 51 Chant Saphique for do op 91 Piano Quintet in A minor op I 14 Piano Quartet in B major op 41 Caprice on Danish and Russian themes f piano flute oboe clarinet and string quartet op 79 Barcarolle f piano harmonium violin and cello op 108 2 piano trios F major op IS B minor op 92 Berceuse f piano and violin op 38 Suite trlptyquc f piano and violin op 136 Wedding Cake f piano and string quartet op 76 Romance f piano and cello op 51 Septet f trumpet piano and string instr op 65 Serenade f piano organ violin and cello op 15 tor 2 pianos Variations on a Theme of Beethoven op 35 Polonaise op 77 Scherzo op 87 Caprice arabe op 96 Souvenir d Ismailla op 100 Caprice heroique op 106 for piano 4 hds pieces op 11 25 59 Harald Harfagar 81 86 105 for piano 2 hds pieces op 3 21 23 24 52 6 etudes 56 66 72 80 85 SS 90 suite 97 variations 100 104 110 Ill 6 etudes 120 139 and others without opus number for organ 3 rhapsodies bretonnes op 7 Benediction nuptiale op 9 3 preludes and fugues op 99 Fantaisle op 101 op 107 3 preludes and fugues op 119 fan talsie 1875 for harmonium 3 pieces op 1 6 duets with piano op 8 filevatlon op 13 Fantaisle f harp op 95 Fantalsie f harp and violin op 124 for soli chor and orch Messe sotennelle w organ op 4 1873 Requiem op 54 1878 Oratorio de Noel w string orch harp and organ op 12 Le deluge op 45 The Holy Land Gloucester 1913 f 8 part chor w organ Tantum ergo op 5 Psalm 18 Coell enar rant op 42 Psalm 150 Praise ye the Lord double chorus orch and organ 190S church music without opus number 3 part Tantum ergo 6 O Salutarls 4 part Venl creator; 4 Ave Maria; 3 Ave verum Inviolata Dcus Abraham Petrus Angellcus for tenor string orch and organ Pie Jesu Pour vous benir Seigneur Heureux qui du ceeur de Marie O saint autel Relne des Apo tres Offertory for All Saints cantatas Les noces de Prometbee prize see above op 19 Les soldats de Gedeon f double male chorus a cappella op 46 Chanson de grand pere female chorus Chanson d an cetre male chor with piano or orch La lyre et la harpe for soli chorus and orch op 57 Nult persane for soli chor and orch op L6a Melodies persanes op 26 Lever du soiell sur le Nil for sop and orch Le feu celeste for declamation sop chor orch and organ op 115 La Glolre de Corneille f soli chor and orch op 1.6 Pallas Athene for soprano and orch op 98 La fiancee du timbalier for mezzo sop w orch op 82 hymn to Victor Hugo Tor orch with chorus ad lib choruses op 68 71 74 operas La princesse jaune 1 act Op Comlque 1872 Le timbre d argent 4 acts Theatre Lyr 1S77 Samson et Da ilia Sacred drama first prod Weimar 1877 fttlenne Marcel 4 acts Lyons 1879 Henri VIII Opera 1883 Proserpine Op Com 1887 Ascanio Opera 1890;  Phryne 1893 Fr degonde Guiraud's opera finished by S S 1895 Les Barbares 19011 Parysatls 3 act drama with music prod at the Theatre antique In Beziers 1902 Helene 1 act poeme lyrlque Monte Carlo and London 904 L Ancetre Monte Carlo 1906 also as Die Ahne in Colmar 1911 other dram works D janlre music to L Oallet's tragedy Beziers 1898 revised as grand opera prod Monaco and Paris 1911 dramatic scene Lola op 116 music to Antigone 1893 and to Andromaque 1903 scenes L assasslnat du Due de Guise 1908 La ftllc du tourneur d ivolre 1909 La foi 1910 ballet Javotte Brussels and Lyons 1S96 Author Notice sur H Reber 1886 Materiallsme et mu sique 1882 Notes sur les decors de theatre dans I antiquite romulne 18S6 Charles Gounod et le Don Juan de Mozart 1893 llarmonle et melodie collected essays especially on Wagner 1885 German by W Kleefeld 1902 and 1905 Introduction sur Nledermeyer 1802 a 1881 1892 Problemes et mysteres 1891 Essal sur les lyres et clthares antiques 1902 lecture at the Academic Portraits et souvenirs 1900 Edited a volume of lyrics Rimes familieres Ctbd mus criticisms etc to La Renaissance L Estafette Le Voltaire etc Chevalier of the Legion of Honor 1867 officer 1881 member of the Institut succeeding Reber 1881 decorated w the Prussian order Pour le me ite for art and science etc Mus I hon c Cambridge Univ Attended toe unveiling of his own statue in Beziers 190 Address 83 bis rue de Courcelles Paris France

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