Ave Maria Loretto  

Composer:  J. Ernest Rieger (1864-1???), 1894


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!



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Recording:  not available  
Lyrics:  (original version, written for Loretto Niagara)

A-ve Ma-ri-a., A-ve Ma ri-a;
A-ve Ma-ri-a., A-ve Ma ri-a;
A _ ve Ma ri a; A ve Ma ri a Lo re-_ _ tto;

Be-side Ni-a-g'ra's sound-ing deeps,
Dark wood-ed isles and vine clad steeps,
Like in-cense rise the clouds of spray,
Where rain-bows shine, at close of day.
Thy chil-dren all, with hearts a-flame,
Sing to thy gra-cious ho-ly name,
A ve Ma ri--a, Ma ri-a.,
A ve Ma ri a Lo re--_ _ tto;

O, when we leave this place of rest,
Watch o'er us still, O, Moth-er bless'd,
Tho' pain and sor-row touch each heart,
O, lead us still, from sin a part,
Un-to thy Son, whose works we see,
Here where thy chil-dren sing to thee;

A-ve Ma ri--a, A--ve Ma ri--a;
A ve Ma ri a; A ve Ma ri a;
A _ ve Ma ri a;
A ve Ma ri a Lo re-_ _ tto;
When length'n-ing shad-ows o'er our way
Bid us, our trem-bling steps to stay;
The rain-bow bend-ing 'neath thy feet
Thy out-spread hands, the wear-y greet
O, Moth-er mild where e'er we roam.,
Call all Lo-re-tto's chil-dren home;

A ve Ma ri a., Ma ri a Lo re tto;
A ve Ma ri _ a Lo re _ tto
score at Canadian National Library (incomplete)  Score: free download on this website

download the complete score of Ave Maria Loretto by J. Ernst Rieger

Composed for the students of Loretto Niagara
who sang it at school events.

Loretto Niagara was closed in 1982, but this song is still being used in the other branches of Loretto school. (see below)

This score was first obtained from the Canadian national library website, but the 4 middle pages were missing. Loretto school closed in 1982. I contacted the Ontario diocese office, and they were able to direct me to someone in the administration of the school that still exists in several other locations. After I received the missing pages, I did send a copy of the complete score to The Canadian National Library.

My thanks and appreciation to
Ms. Juliana Dusel
for sending me the missing pages of this score.

Text adaptations for the other Loretto schools:

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AveWiki = the interactive counterpart of "Geert's Ave Maria  pages"


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